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Meet Tracy

Your College Admissions Coach

As a high school counselor since 2003, Tracy has coached hundreds of students through their college application journey. Whether your goal is to attend a local college, in-state university, private university, or out-of-state university, Tracy will guide you one-on-one with his expertise, patience, and understanding. 


What  We Specialize In

College Selection

One-on-One College Application Assistance

Scholarship Applications and Research

Essay Writing

Make your essay stand out! 

Financial Aid and Florida Bright Futures Applications 

The journey towards college admission begins today.  I would be honored to help you fulfill your college dreams.

Tracy was a fundamental asset to my college application process. He frequently checked on me to ensure that I was staying on top of deadlines or to see if I need any assistance with anything. He provided me with suggestions to strengthen my essays, but never overtook them as his own. Tracy helped alleviate the stress of the applications and was always incredibly accommodating. Something I appreciated was his flexible schedule. He also continuously helped me look for scholarships as well as an abundance of resources to search for them. I am so grateful to have had Tracy to help me along my journey.


- Johanna Rubin
FSU Class of 2026

Being under the mentorship of Tracy Greenbaum was an incredible experience for my son and I. Tracy made the arduous college application preparation process easy by relieving most of the stress since he was always available to answer any questions or patiently fill out the paperwork with my son.  Tracy made sure my son was always on track and submitted everything on time.  He always took the time to answer my questions and explain the process in detail to me.  I was impressed with Tracy's dedication, kindness, patience, and willingness to always do what was best for my son.  He worked around his athletic schedule even if it meant zoom calls after 9:00 PM.  As a college advisor, Tracy goes beyond filling out applications; he reviews and edits college essays if necessary as many times as needed, suggests scholarship opportunities, and once again was willing to guide him through the essay portion to make sure it stands out.  I can definitely say that you get more than your money's worth with Tracy because of his commitment to academic success so his students end up with college opportunities that match their dreams and academic choices.  Even if you think that you know the process, I would still recommend Tracy's assistance and expertise because he stays current with the application process and keeps it real about what colleges are your best fit.  It is with great pride that I recommend Tracy who has supported us even after the college acceptance process and I now consider him a trustworthy friend, an approachable advisor, a caring person, and a mentor because he connects with you on all levels of life to achieve college success at a scary time in our Junior/Senior's lives.

- June Marie Rahim

My experience with Mr. Greenbaum was very rewarding.  Not only did I get accepted to seven of the nine schools I applied to, I also received two financial scholarships based on his guidance and recommendation to apply.  We shared a love for baseball so this connection along with his desire to truly help students stay on track during the college application process and select schools that are a fit for them made the process an enjoyable one instead of overwhelming. Mr. Greenbaum was very patient with me and explained everything prior to filling out the applications so I could have all the information I needed before we started, making the process less complex, understandable, and enjoyable because of his personal interest in my success.  No matter what time of the evening or the day of the week I needed him - he was always there with a smile on his face and willing to help.  Mr. Greenbaum is truly one of a kind; very genuine, cared beyond the application process, is supportive of being successful in life, and was very encouraging during my senior year to stay focused in and out of the classroom of my senior year.  I truly couldn't have done it without Mr. Greenbaum.  I will always remember him for taking the time to know me and meet me on my level in life so our zoom conversations were a pleasure.

- Derek Rahim
Flagler College
Class of 2026

Scholar Athlete for Baseball

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